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Abbey Bookbinding and Print - Colour Samples

If you are a student studying for an under-graduate or post-graduate degree, you will find as part of the course, a Thesis/Dissertation will be a large contribution to the award of the degree. On completion, most universities require you to submit your work in a ‘Book-Bound’ format. All universities give guidelines to how your work should be presented. At Abbey Bookbinding all work can be carried out to all UK university specification.

Heritage Library Buckram

Heritage is the ultimate Library Buckram which is used throughout the U.K and abroad. Designed to match the traditional library shades. High strength traditional library buckram is made of 100% cotton with acrylic coating producing an exceptionally high scuff and abrasion resistance buckram. The wipeable surface gives an excellent finish for gold embossing ensuring that Heritage is the ideal solution for University thesis and library bindings.

The shades shown are not exact matches to Cloth used. Please allow a slight variation to colours shown and finished product. There could be shades available that are not shown in the list below, please give us a call for full details of all available shades.

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