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Abbey Bookbinding and Print - Print From Disk

If you are a student studying for an under-graduate or post-graduate degree, you will find as part of the course, a Thesis/Dissertation will be a large contribution to the award of the degree. On completion, most universities require you to submit your work in a ‘Book-Bound’ format. All universities give guidelines to how your work should be presented. At Abbey Bookbinding all work can be carried out to all UK university specification.

At Abbey Bookbinding we provide a complete print from disk service and high speed photocopying service.

Our prices are very competitive, giving excellent quality reproduction in both mono and colour printing.

Most common program files can be accepted, which might include:
Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Publisher. (Office)

PDF files can also be accepted.

If you have a program which might be unfamiliar, please contact us before sending or saving your files/work.

Design programs include Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator, and InDesign.

With print speeds of up to 150 pages per minute mono and 60 pages per minute colour, you can either:-

1. Spend hours printing pages from a home inkjet printer
2. From as little as 5p per print, hand it to us and Job Done!

All media can be accepted, which might include:
CD's, DVD's, Floppu Disk's, Flash/Jump Drives, Memory Sticks etc.

Work can either be brought in to our office, sent by post or received by email.

Please note: If you are sending your work by email, please let us know:-
1. How many pages are in each file, so we can cross check this when we open the files (Our end).
2. The operating system the work was saved on. i.e. Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista etc.
3. The amount of colour pages in each file. (This is useful but not essential.

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