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A student needed his Masters thesis printed and bound to submit on Friday. The work was supplied to us on Wednesday morning, 48 hours prior. He was having difficulty creating one document in microsoft word displaying roman numeral page numbers for his title page, contents and acknowledgements etc., and normal page numbers for the remaining part of the work. To avoid any re-formating issues, i.e. inserting section breaks, we suggested he save the document in 2 seperate files. One file with roman numeral page number content, and one file with normal page numbering content. The student was also concerned there were colour pages in the thesis and asked if he would be charged the colour print rate for the whole document. ~We informed him that he would only pay for pages that were in colour and the remaining part of the thesis would be charged at the black and white rate. Three copies were printed on a high quality 100gsm paper, then ready for binding. Because this was a post graduate degree the title of the work need to be displayed on the spine as well as his name, degree and year of submission. We explained it was no problem to fit his title on the spine at no extra charge. As he was unable to collect the work himself so we arranged delivery to his university department which was delivered on the Friday at 11am. We also arranged for a copy to be delivered back to his home address as a personal copy.

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